We have been watching the weather closely the past few days with hopes of seeing some signs of clearing. We have received many inquiries into the plans for this weekend and have been waiting until the last minute to decide how to proceed. The final hour has arrived and after careful consideration and discussion with our production team, we are making the hard decision to move the festival to March 11, 2023.

The safety and comfort of our volunteers, artists, vendors, and attendees is our biggest concern and something we will not compromise. We are finalizing the details with the bands and are confident the lineup will remain FULLY intact. In fact, we are inquiring about adding more touring support bands… Confirmation to follow very soon.

We will of course honor all tickets for the March date and will provide refunds as requested for this show. We hope that everyone understands how upsetting and disappointing this is for us. We have been working hard to bring the event back after a long two year break. Ultimately, our contingency plan accounted for cold weather and some precipitation but not to the potential degree that’s being forecasted. We are a small festival that is committed to supporting local non profits. While we would love to watch the news for another two days holding for a change, the reality is that we will be incurring 100% of the rental costs once our tents, stages, and other infrastructure leaves their warehouses. We cannot make that commitment knowing that we would need a strong turnout Saturday for this to work. We want to do right by the non-profit organizations that are counting on us and pledging their support. We also believe strongly that our artists deserve a full audience to play to in a comfortable setting. We believe this decision gives us the best opportunity to invest more into the festival’s success. We needed to make this decision now so that our out-of-town attendees can work on their arrangements. Please email with any questions. Thank you for your support and understanding. 


CC Wine Festival